5 Reasons To Get Backyard Chickens

5 Reasons To Get Backyard Chickens

Why Backyard Chickens?

Having your own backyard flock of chickens has numerous benefits. They make great pets, give you fresh eggs, keep your yard and garden healthy, and can even boost your own mental health! It’s easy to see why keeping backyard chickens is becoming more popular, and here are our top reasons why you should start your own backyard chicken flock: 

Fresh Eggs 

The most obvious reason to raise chickens is for the free, fresh, and convenient eggs. Fresh eggs from your own flock are much more flavorful, higher in Vitamin A, E, and Omega 3s, and lower in cholesterol than eggs you buy in the supermarket. Because your backyard chickens are eating natural food sources and are well-nourished and free ranging, that means their eggs are more nutritious than factory farm eggs. Another plus is never having to worry about egg shortages or salmonella outbreaks! 

Weed and Pest Control 

If you have backyard chickens, you can say goodbye to weeds and bugs. Chickens love to forage for bugs and are great for pest control. Keeping chickens means less mosquitos, grubs, snails, flies, and ticks. While the chickens are scratching the ground looking for bugs, if they pull up weed seeds, they will eat those too. Chickens will also eat many different types of invasive weeds and grasses.  

Easy to Feed 

In addition to weeds and insects, chickens will eat pretty much any kitchen scrap you give them. They love your unwanted leftovers, whether it’s vegetable peelings, overripe fruit, or a stale piece of bread. If you own chickens, you won’t have to feel guilty about adding food waste to our landfills.  

Chickens are Therapeutic 

Being around animals has many health benefits, like reducing stress and anxiety, and chickens are no exception. Chickens are already being employed as therapy chickens to help those with autism, dementia, and other psychiatric disorders. Because chickens are always moving and socializing, they are seen as calming. Every chicken has their own little personality too and will form real bonds with their caretakers. Just like a dog or cat, many hens love hugs and cuddles, and chicken keepers love their flocks. 

Garden Compost 

Every gardener knows the value of good compost, and chicken litter is some of the best there is. Your plants will thrive on this compost. Mixing chicken bedding and litter into your compost heap turns that waste into the perfect fertilizer. Not only is it free, but it also natural and better than the store-bought synthetic fertilizer. 

So what are you waiting for? There are so many benefits to having your own backyard flock, why not get started today!