Chicken Fun Facts & F.A.Q


Why did the chicken cross the road?

While we don't have the actual answer to the age old question, perhaps it was to find a place where no one would question its intention of crossing the road! 

Either way, enjoy this section regarding chicken fun facts and F.A.Q.. If you don't see the answer to a question you have please feel free to reach out and contact us as we would love to add it to our library!

What is the average lifespan of a chicken?

 The average lifespan for a backyard chicken is around 6-8 years.  While the average chicken lives about 6-8 years, there are different factors that can come into play including breed, quaility of life, diet, environment, etc.. In reality, more backyard chickens die from predator attacks, disease, or poor care than they do from old age. 

Do chickens recognize their owners?

Yes, chickens absolutely recognize their owners. A chickens best sense is their sight, followed up by their sense of hearing. Not only do they recognize humans but they use sight and sound to recognize others in their own flock. It has been said that chickens can recognize up to 100 faces. With that said, your voice, size, posture, color, and clothing also help them recognize who you are.

Do chickens have teeth? What is a chicken Gizzard?

Chickens do not have teeth! However chickens have a very efficient digestive system. The chickens gizzard which is similar to a stomach is used to physically grind up the foods that are eaten. Once broken down, the food then travels through the small intestine where the valuable nutrients are absorbed. 

Can eggs get stuck in chickens?

Yes, eggs can get stuck in chickens. This is referred to "egg bound" or "egg binding". It is not a good situation and can even lead to death. It is usually caused by large or odd shaped eggs, a malfunction in the reproductive system, poor diet, old age, or an underlying infection or issue. 

Can you have just one chicken?

The short answer is yes, it is ok to only have one chicken. However, chickens are very sociable and would prefer to hang out with friends. They communicate with each other, play with each other, and even alert each other of impending danger. It is recommended to have at least 2 chickens. 


Why do chickens cluck?

Just as any other species on the planet, chickens cluck to communicate. Scientists have determined at least 30 different noises chickens make that signal unique meanings.  It may be to warn others of danger, announce an egg has been laid, or just to say hello! 

Why do chickens eat their own eggs?

One of the biggest reasons is simply a calcium deficiency. Chickens need calcium to lay eggs to begin with and if their system is short of it,  they may try and get the calcium from the shells of their own eggs.  It may also be from accidental discovery or boredom. If an egg breaks and the chicken eats it, they may develop a taste for it. Furthermore, this activity can rub off on others in the flock. The best way to combat this activity is first to make sure your chickens have well rounded diet including calcium. Furthermore, since most chickens lay their eggs in the morning, it's best to collect them as soon as possible. 

At what age to chickens start laying eggs?

Depending on the breed, some chickens start laying eggs as early as 4 months old, and some wait as long as 8 or 9 months. It's very exciting waiting for your chick to lay its first eggs but there is no way to speed up the process. Keep them well fed, happy, and healthy and nature will take its course. It may even take 12 months for them to lay eggs on a consistent basis.  

Can chickens taste and smell?

Chickens have a horrible sense of taste and smell. Sight and sound are far more important factors when it comes to recognizing things. 

Do chickens talk to each other?

It has been scientifically proven that chickens have more than 30 different sounds they make while communicating. Combined with sound and movement, chickens communicate with each other just like almost any other species. They let each other know if they are mad,  when you are coming, if they have found food, and of course if there is imminent danger. 

Do chickens fly?

A chicken can not fly like a bird however they can get up in the air for very short distances. For example to get over a fence or up onto a ledge. If you are having an issue with one of your chickens contently getting over the fence into a neighbors yard it might be a good idea to clip their wings to discourage the behavior. The feathers will eventually grow back so it may not be a permanent solution.